About us

Elektromehanika Došen, owned by Mr. Milan Došen, started business in February 1982 as a workshop for electromechanical works. Over time, we evolved into a furniture and electronic appliance manufacturing business for medical and cosmetic purposes. During this period, the volume of production of metal parts required for appliances and furniture was increased, and more metal workers were hired. Specialization in metalworking and the production of metal parts gradually came to light, while the production of electronic appliances and medical furniture is still present to a lesser extent. Nowadays, Elektromehanika Došen is a fully specialized company for turning and milling, especially for individual production and production in smaller batches. The work of the company is based on years of experience, knowledge and continuous training of employees.


The main activity of the company is metal processing and coating.
Quality of services and products are the basis of our business and the basis for a long-term partnership.
More than 35 years of experience in the field of metal profession.


Why choose us:


  • Knowledge of technology
  • Top quality performance
  • Adaptation to each client (respecting the wishes and requirements of each client)
  • Use of up-to-date and proven materials and equipment
  • Compliance with the agreed finalization deadlines
  • Quality guarantee for every product made
  • Courtesy when negotiating.

Mission and vision


The mission of our business is to carry out the production tasks with quality and within the agreed terms in order to ensure maximum satisfaction of our clients. The highest value of our business is the knowledge and experience of all employees gathered during 35 years of succesful business, which we improve by independent development and transparent relationship with our clients.

The vision of our business is manifested in the expansion of our manufacturing capabilities by gradual investment so that we can succesfully compete with other Croatian companies in the branch od metal processing industry in order to better satisfy the wishes and needs of our clients.